Corporate & Government Finance    

W. Shupe & Company has extensive experience providing diverse Corporate/Government Finance services, including business sales/acquisitions, government privatizations, business valuations, capital structure, succession planning and investment strategies/policies. The Firm is currently one of Canada's leading investment advisors in respect of the sale of dental offices. 


Prior Corporate/Government Finance engagements include:


Business Sales and Acquisitions


  • Advisor to Dangstorp Dental Group (one of the of largest dental practice sales ever done in Canada).  

  • Advisor to B.C. Perio Dental Group (a major Vancouver-based dental practice).

  • Advisor to Crown Investment Corporation (CIC) on the privatization/sale of Cameco.

  • Advisor to CIC/Harvard Group on the acquisition/relocation of Crown Life Insurance.

  • Advisor to MLT Law Firm (now MLT Aikens) on merger matters.

  • Advisor to Weyburn Inland Terminal (divestiture/merger).

  • Advisor to The Body Shop Canada Franchisees on a merger/acquisition.


Corporate Finance Consulting Services (Valuations/Capital Structure/Succession Planning)


  • Advisor to SaskTel on several independent financial valuation assessments.

  • Advisor to Tallman Geological Consulting on strategic sale, valuation and succession planning.

  • Advisor to Alliance Energy on valuation and succession planning.

  • Advisor to Assiniboia Farm Land Partnership on terms and of its initial public offering (first of its kind in Canada).

  • Investment Consultant to Kahkewistahaw 1907 Trust (one of the most successful First Nation trusts in Canada).


Government Finance Consulting Engagements


  • Provided the initial Concept Review to Crown Investment Corporation (CIC) on a Multi-Purpose All Season Entertainment Facility in Regina (and subsequently advised on the follow-up Feasibility Study).

  • Provided an Investment Review to CIC of Crown Investment Vehicles and the Venture Capital Landscape in Saskatchewan (resulting in several changes to government investment entities).  

  • Advisor to Government of Nunavut and Nunavut Development Corporation on several economic development initiatives, strategic plans and investment/valuation assessments.


Government Finance (William Shupe as Vice President, Government Finance, Pemberton Securities)


  • Lead Manager of several innovative Provincial Government financings in the 1980s, including SaskPower Bonds, SaskPower Plus Exchangeable Bonds (privatization of SaskOil), B.C.Savings Bonds, B.C. Gas Exchangeable Bonds (privatization of BC Hydro Mainland Gas) and Manitoba Hydro Bonds.

  • Co-Manager of the domestic borrowing syndicates of the Provinces of Saskatchewan and B.C.

  • As Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance (Saskatchewan), on loan from Pemberton, coordinated activities and chaired the Steering Committee that led to the creation of the Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan (now TD Greystone Managed Investments); and chaired the Steering Committee that led to the establishment of the Saskatchewan Pension Plan.